Ian Franklin McGrady

"Ian has the aura of an enlightened person onstage." 

-- Fashion Avatar Mary McFadden, after seeing Ian play the abbott of a monastery

Ian McGrady is an actor based out of New York City experienced in roles demanding performance in heightened circumstances, extreme sensual states, and magic or poetic realism on stage and film such as Heinrik Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, James Purdy and David Lynch have written.

Ian is most frequently cast as people who are in extremely unfamiliar (and unactable) spaces, such as the death space, or those who are enlightened.  

Ian's experience is mainly in New York City's downtown and off-off-Broadway stage including Theater for a New City, Nola, and The Looking Glass Theater, and and independent films, and has also been cast as a principal in a commercial for Sears Bridal Registry directed by Bob Giraldi.

Several moments that friends continually reiterate of Ian's work in New York City as an extra were on Spike Lee's Summer of Sam orgy scene, and Sex and the City, when at Pastis Mikhail Baryshnikov asks Ian to borrow a newspaper in front of the principals as they have lunch at Pastis.

His other life experience includes writing and producing television news, 15 years as a student and teacher of Chinese internal martial arts, swimming, driving across the US, and travel to South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Hungary.

In 2009 he helped assist preparation of a manuscript which would be the last book of James Purdy's work published in Purdy's lifetime, James Purdy: Selected Plays.

Ian recently filed a CNN iReport when he heard what-sounded-like gunshots at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea ("Gritty.  I liked it," says a national news anchor of Ian's report who is a personal contact from his days at ABC News), and won a CNN contest in which he was the first iReporter to file video of North Korea during the time of the inauguration of Kim Jong Il's son to the position of General in the North Korean army.

(cut/paste) http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-502882

Ian is presently Executive Producer of Zeta Vang's upcoming album "White Lights Go Bang" which features a multiplatinum producer and Grammy-nominated co-Executive Producer, which was financed and managed by Ian personally.  Hip-Hop icon Percy Carey (aka MF Grimm) is his partner in distribution and management.

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